The CEO Subzero Extravaganza is still on for this Sunday!! However, we will be having our festivities at the Luverne High School instead of at the Lake. Stop by the high school from 12:30-4:30 to compete in our kickball and dodgeball competitions in the gym. Go outside for a sleigh ride or play a round of snow golf!! Warm-up with some hot chocolate and grab a bingo board for a fun game of Plingo with prizes for our winners!! If you would like to compete in our competitions please have your team there and signed up by 12:30! Or sign up using this link:

🛷 rides —> $3/person or a flat fee of $10 if you fill the sleigh!

Kickball/dodgeball —> $7/person on a team (max of 10)

Plingo —> $0.50/bingo board

Snow golf —> free

hot chocolate —> free with a free-will donation!

The high school is located @ 709 N Kniss Ave, Luverne, MN

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