McCall Stegenga

About Me

Hello, my name is McCall Stegenga! I am 18 years old and currently a senior at Luverne High School. In high school, I was involved in volleyball, hockey, golf, BPA, FFA, choir, peer helping, and CEO. I believe I show great leadership since I was captain of the volleyball team and golf team. Next year I plan to attend South Dakota State University for pharmacy. After college, I want to move somewhere warm and be happy!

About My Business

My CEO business is Cozy Calf Blankets that sells taggie blankets, which are blankets with tags along the edges present for stimulation while also providing the comfort of a blanket for your baby! I have had so much fun creating my business and making it successful. For more information contact McCall Stegenga at 507-227-1932 Also, check out the Cozy Calf Blanket, Instagram: @cozycalfblankets, or Facebook: Cozy Calf Blankets.